CMI GenerationNext
Train, Network, Perform, Inspire

Applicants: GenerationNext Apprenticeship Dancers
(Ages 12-17) wanting to go beyond the classroom

In addition to dance training with local and national professionals, young dancers will receive networking opportunities, master classes in a variety of styles, mock auditions that provide real-world experience, photography workshops, theatre technical production, mentorship and performance opportunities.

For many years Stephanie Jojokian and Amber Yancey, founders of CMI, successfully put their years of experience in training, mentoring and advising promising young dancers of CMI. This talent-development program offers dancers the chance to work with professionals, cultural entrepreneurship, on-and-off stage professionalism and versatility.

*We are excited to introduce CMI GenerationNext and its Apprenticeship Program. CMI will grow and develop the younger dancers, (ages 12-17), within our CMI GenerationNext company. In addition to high-level dance instruction, youth will receive training in lighting design, choreography, photography and video marketing for dance. Youth dancers will also be paired with a seasoned mentor from the Capitol Movement Dance Professional Company. The program will prepare our youth to develop their own work samples as individual artists and launch careers in the dance industry within the DC region and nationally. All our dancers train at an elite level in hip-hop, contemporary, jazz, lyrical, tap, and choreography development, preparing for local performances and the next steps in their careers. This apprenticeship is structured to provide dedicated dancers with extra training on top of their weekly classes at studios, dance teams, and school programs.