Alec Clawson - CMI ChoreographerAlec Clawson


Alec B. Clawson in his own words is a “creative movement artist”. As a multi-dimensional performer, choreographer and director, his journey has currently lead him to the stage of Cirque du Soliel’s Michael Jackson One in Las Vegas, Nevada. His passion for his craft and work ethic have put him front and center tackling multiple featured roles in the show. Over the course of his professional career which began at the age of 8, he has gained great respect from his fellow artists, has been honored with industry recognition for his choreography. Alec has performed professionally on stage, for film and television as a solo artist as well as along the side of many celebrities. His inspired vision for his craft has brought him many successful jobs and experiences, but at the forefront of all of his success is his ability to inspire others and will tell you that this is his goal above all others. For Alec, “impossible” is not in his vocabulary because everything he puts his mind to comes to fruition. His ability to create is top notch because he digs deep within himself to tell life’s stories through movement. Alec B. Clawson is truly blessed with a unique talent and loves his art form with a passion.