Dejan Tubic - CMI ChoreographerDejan Tubic


Dejan Tubic is leaving his mark on the dance industry, regularly teaching master classes to professional dancers all over the world. Dejan emerged as a sought after choreographer when he choreographed for America’s Got Talent under the direction of Brian Friedman. He is currently choreographing for the hit vocal group Pentatonix. Dejan has also appeared in various television shows from X-Factor, to Glee, to MTV’s The Electric Barbarellas. With over 100 million views online, and over a quarter of a million followers, Dejan has people like Ellen Degeneres, The New York Times, Fox News, and even Perez Hilton blogging about his “fierce” choreography! With an incredible presence online, Dejan has changed the way dance is looked at when it comes to social media.