Luam - CMI ChoreographerLuam


Luam began dancing with African Rhythms Dance Company at the University of Pennsylvania and Ballet Shango in Philadelphia before moving to New York. While working at AOL TimeWarner’s, Time Inc. in the Advance Technology Group, she continued her training at Broadway Dance Center and Djoniba Dance Center studying jazz, hip hop, ballet, West African, Cuban, modern, and Haitian. Here, Luam also met Rhapsody, director of Rhapsody: The Company of which she was a member for several years. Meanwhile she continued at Time Inc. working on creative technology projects with Fortune, People, Entertainment Weekly, as well as their Intranet & Advanced Communications Group.

Her passion for dance grew to teaching and choreography and she began teaching at Djoniba Dance Center and NY Sports Clubs in 2000. In 2002 she left her career in technology and plans for medicine behind in order to pursue dance full time. She also started FallingRockStar, a successful web and graphic design company with partner Dar Riser. Once free to aggressively follow her dreams in dance/choreography Luam choreographed for TV, commercial campaigns (MTV’s Hip Hop Week, Mastercard, As The World Turns, etc), and various recording artists (Kris, Joe Buddens, etc). She has danced for Ludacris, Kelis, Kanye West, Ashanti, etc, and toured with soca artist Kevin Lyttle on his US Promo Tour. She recently worked with Ciara, Mashonda, and Nelly Furtado, as well as choreographed for Fila and Def Jam artist, Rihanna. Luam also teaches master workshops and performs with her crew on stages and screens all over the world.