“Thank you for a great time! LOVED your dancers so much, they were smashing both class and rehearsals!”

-Dejan Tubic, Guest Choreographer based in LA

“The professional and welcoming environment that Capitol Movement offers is exactly what my daughter needed when we relocated to the DMV. Capitol Movement has taken my daughter to new levels in dance and entertainment by providing her with unique opportunities that push her towards her goal of having a career as a professional dancer. As a result, CMI has undoubtedly become our second family.”

-Sherita Flake, Mother of Pre-Pro Dancer

“Capitol Movement is one of my favorite companies to teach! I look forward to teaching them every year. The company is full of hard-working, respectful and talented dancers! Love you guys!”

-Nicole Kirkland, Guest Choreographer/Dancer based in LA

“Dance is a way that I let go of all stress and rough emotions. Being a part of CMI allows me the opportunity to be a part of a family that allows me to emote and let go of everything.”

-Ryan Steed, Pre-Pro Company Dancer

“Capitol Movement provides a nurturing family-like environment for some of the best talent in the DMV. Under the direction of Nicole Klett, theses dancers are exposed to some of the best choreographers in the dance industry and are in an environment that promotes their artistic growth and development. CMI dancers establish friendships and bonds that are lifelong.”

-Sheila Brooks, Mother of a Pre-Pro Dancer

“The growth that I have seen within myself as a dancer and a person in CMI has been tremendous. My technical and performance abilities improved over the years. CMI has taught me how to work harder and smarter. I was also blessed with countless performance and networking opportunities thanks to the staff of Capitol Movement.”

-Raeya Cobb, CMDCo Dancer & Pre-Pro Alumnus

“I am so lucky I found Capitol Movement! As a young working professional in D.C., I wanted to advance my career in advertising, but I also wanted to continue my 25-year love affair with dance. Thankfully, I found CMI. It gives me the truly unique opportunity to keep dancing, while excelling in my career outside of the dance world.”

-Ashley Banek, CMDCo Dancer

“These young artists at Capitol Movement will not only make your vision come to life, but they will inspire you. Their fearlessness and eagerness led to the creation of magic.”

-Courtney Thurston, Guest Choreographer/Dancer based in NYC

“I love to dance, and CMI KIDZ let’s me do that WITH friends!”

-Dexter Coburn, CMI Kid

“I so miss my time with CMI! I was able to see the world and serve military families doing what I love most: dancing! I was also able to work and train with top choreographers from LA and New York that I never would have been able to work with in DC had it not been for CMI.”

-Rachel Mlinarchik, CMI Alumnus

“Thanks to a scholarship from CMI, my son Michael was given the opportunity to work with different amazing choreographers and dancers that he would not have had just staying at his home studio.  He’s now a professional dancer extremely grateful for his CMI Pre-Pro experience!”

-Sherri Shortell, Mother of Pre-Pro Alumnus and Owner of Center Stage

“I can’t describe what CMI means to me in a few sentences as I love it so much. CMI has tackled such controversial topics with such respect and grace through the movement of ones body to evoke an array of emotions, raise awareness and possible change. The artistry of dance here is so captivating, passionate and moving! CMI has caused an awakening in me in my own artistry and passions. My daughter, Jailyn, received a scholarship this season which made it possible for her to continue to attend CMI. I couldn’t think of a better place for my daughter to grow as a dancer and to learn what it means to be a dancer. This indeed is our dance family for life!”

-Tia Montgomery, Mother of a Pre-Pro Dancer